About Dylan

I trained at a brilliant school called the Drama Centre London. It was there I learned about the innovators who were to influence and form my creative career. The great American innovators I learned from Mr Reuven Adiv. This magnificent coach allowed my group to express themselves through the senses and transform using animals. Mr. Lee Strasberg, one of the founding members of the Group theatre, taught this wonderful man which was to bring to life contemporary acting to the west. So as far as 6 degrees of separation are concerned there is one seat between the Godfather of American Acting and me.

My acting career has been an exciting experience. I have been blessed to work with fabulous actors and directors. On stage I worked at the Crucible Theatre. I was in a fantastic Hamlet production starring John Simm, Michelle Dockery and John Nettles. I also was to have one of the greatest creative experiences of my life, playing Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Mr. Michael Grandage. 

Working in film and television has also been rewarding. I was lucky enough to work on shows like Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, Vexed and A Touch of Frost. I think Being Human was a favourite though. I baddie Vampire! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?! In film it has to be Louis Leterrier’s Unleashed. I was in a room watching and working with Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins and Jet Li. It was the stuff of dreams for me.

As a teacher and director I have been blessed with fantastic students and wonderful experiences in brilliant buildings. As I director I have worked with actors like Daniela Denby-Ashe, Chris Coghill and Kevin Bishop. I have overseen readings with John Simm, Andy Lincoln and Joe Duttine. I have worked with George Peck, Principle at the Oxford School of Drama and with Dan Bowling at the Royal academy of Music, both buildings I still love and currently work for.

My experience is varied and my joy in working in this wonderful art form is as acute as it was on my first day at Drama Centre. 


The Innovators


The ‘Golden Child’

You are here now. You are here now!

And there could be many reasons why you have looked me up and are looking at this page. One great and wonderful reason is your creativeness. You have a need to create something authentic, beautiful and from the heart. You may feel that attaining it is like finding the Holy Grail!  I did. Even when I was training at a top Drama School, even when I was getting high quality jobs. I still felt that truth was somewhere in the stars a zillion miles away from me.

Then on a visit to the town of my childhood I took a walk in an ancient wood that my sister and I used to run through and play in as children.  I was alone and I recalled the epic dramas I used to act out in the place. I started to feel great expressiveness, a great creative urge right there and then in this place full of shadows and games. I started to run like the child I was. I started to climb trees and create wild outlandish characters right there. The more I physicalized the characters the more the people possessed me.  During this joyful, overwhelmingly moving experience, I realized I wasn’t indulging in the games I loved as a child. Instead the child had awakened in me and was playing right now! This child didn’t know self-consciousness. It didn’t hold back in making bold imaginative choices for the great villains and heroes he created.  He was pure inquisitive creativeness. He was free of fear. He had overwhelmed the pensiveness the intellect brings.  He was impulsive and organic.

When I left the woods I was utterly inspired by the experience I had then the intellect kicked in. Don’t do that again, Dylan. What if someone had seen you running about like a mad man? Even worse what if you had been reported!  Within moments the strict monitoring of my consciousness was scalding the child who had played in the wood. I felt the deadening weight of tension and self-consciousness shackle me. I stopped reprimanding. I started soothing and embracing the child. Immediately the warm expressiveness and youthful vigor I had felt before returned. I realized I had connected to my Golden Child. It was clear to me in that moment the only reason why I yearn to be expressive and have a need to be creative is due to the power of my Golden Child.  I started to carry a picture of myself as a child.  Whenever I started to punish and mock myself over a mistake or mishap, I pulled the picture out and remembered the creative child who was my essence.  I asked myself how would they feel?  I started to become a caring parent to my Golden Child of my imagination. It has changed my perspective as an actor and teacher.

The Actor was known as the Player. This is because they like to play. We are the children of the Arts.  We have to be because no one is more enthralled by a story than the child.  Nobody can play like the child.  And Actors are storytellers. Be bright, be expressive and be true…

…connect to your Golden Child.